BigTAP ChautauquaFest

Beer Tasting, Music Sampling,
Unique Culinary Hike to the Top of Mt. Ashwabay


If you were there last year you know this is the most fun you can have on a brisk autumn day. The seats are out of the tent – just the stage and the tasting stations remain. Mt. Ashwabay will have the grills going. And the music will be playing.

Can’t you smell the bratwurst and taste that cold sudsy brew? Between beer-tasting and bratwurst-eating, you might want to take a stroll to the top of the hill. We call it the Fatty 5K, although technically it doesn’t measure five Ks. Take off on the trails of Mt. Ashwabay, and stop at the tasting stations by favorite local restaurants along the way until you reach the glorious views at the top of the hill. Not an athlete? No worries, this is the hike for you. Take your time and stop for breaks along the way. The spectacular view is well worth it. If you don’t want to walk, hop on the trailer and ride to the top.